Income for non-dummies

You’ve got to love the internet. It keeps dropping those things you’ve been thinking about into your lap fully formed.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching about my attitude to work in the last few weeks. I’m always going to and get something to pay the bills if I have to. However, I’m looking for a change of direction away from developing Access databases for people who don’t know what they really want toward either analysing the data held on someone else’s tables or the very different area of web design. In the short term, I got a call about a 3 month contract that’ll start on Monday if I get it.

But I’ve always wanted to be independent of employers for some, or preferably all, of my income. Hence the ads on the blogs and Spinneyhead’s growing tail. I’ve just never been able to explain exactly why this would be right for me. So thank goodness for Steve Pavlina who came along and put it into words for me.

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