MPs' Green press releases


After record-breaking temperatures in July, Huw Irranca-Davies MP is calling on local residents to join him in pledging to take 10 simple steps to tackle climate change by reducing energy consumption this summer.

The 10 steps are outlined in a guide produced by the Energy Saving Trust and include a range of simple but important actions from turning down the thermostat and not leaving appliances on stand-by to using energy efficient light bulbs.

The Ogmore MP said:

“The Government has a crucial role to play in helping to tackle climate change, but the environment is an issue for all of us, not just for politicians.

“The average household is responsible for releasing an astonishing 10 tonnes of carbon every year, but simple changes we can all make in our daily lives can significantly reduce this.

“Summer is a good time to take action because we tend to use less energy in heating our homes. We can set good habits now that we can keep up for the rest of the year with the help of the ten simple steps drawn up by the Energy Saving Trust”.

Energy Campaigners welcome Brian Iddon MP’s support for Climate Change Bill

A broad coalition of organisations have today welcomed local MP, Brian Iddon’s support in Parliament for a Bill to reduce Carbon Emissions from offices.

The MP for Bolton South East is one of nearly 300 MPs who have signed a Commons Motion (EDM 2378) supporting the Climate Change (Commercial and Public Services Sector) Bill.

This sector has the fastest growing energy use apart from aviation. With the proliferation of computers and other electronics, its use of electricity, which has a particularly high carbon footprint, is projected to increase by nearly 45% from 1990 to 2020.

The Bill will set legally binding targets for reducing energy usage in the commercial sector and further targets for energy production from renewable sources, Combined Heat and Power and microgeneration.

It was formally introduced by Alan Whitehead MP on the 5th July and is supported by senior MPs from all the major parties.

Brian Iddon MP said: “The need for urgent action to cut our carbon emissions is greater than ever. The Government has rightly acknowledged that we need to do a lot more if we are to meet our climate change targets of a 20% reduction in C02 emissions by 2010. I fully support this Bill which will ensure the Government makes our offices more environmentally friendly I will do all I can to ensure that it becomes law as soon as possible.”

Andrew Warren, the Chair of the Sustainable Energy Partnership said: “Brian Iddon is to be congratulated for supporting this important Bill in Parliament. It will be good for industry and good for the environment.”

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