Can someone do my PR for me?

I was filling out a job application yesterday. It was almost perfect for me, at heart it was basically blogging for the University’s intranet, and I’m probably perfect for it. However, I didn’t know how to tell them.

There’s a bit in the application where you’re supposed to explain why you’d be best suited for the role and all I could think of was “Because I will”. I managed to expand upon that after a few hours of pondering but I should be better able to explain my brilliance.

It’s been a problem for me for a long time. With the minimum of hubris I have to say that I’m a very capable person. I’ve been able to do most of the jobs given to me (except telecanvassing, I only lasted two hours) and do them well. However, I never know what to say, and who to say it to, to persuade people to let me really show my worth. I’ve never been able to sell myself.

If someone can help me overcome this problem, through advice or taking on of Ian Pattinson’s publicity, I’d love to hear from you. I don’t know what the rate of pay would be. Would you settle for a warm feeling of satisfaction for a job well done?

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0 thoughts on “Can someone do my PR for me?

  • Stephen Newton

    What’s wrong with saying your best suited to the roll because you manage so many blogs? Why not mention that Spinneyhead’s got some favourable press in the past? Didn’t City Life say this was possibly Manchester’s oldest blog? That is to say, you’re an innovator.

  • Ian

    That’s pretty much what I said, really, but without naming the blog. I’ve been having a little paranoia recently about how some the content of Spinneyhead might be viewed by an educational establisjment, even one that caters to people who are legally adults.
    If it hadn’t been the University I’d probably have named Spinneyhead. Just dumb paranoia really.