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Heavensent 9.7

“Do we have any information from the RADIF?”

“They say there are aeroplanes on a bearing of two- six- five.”

“How many?”

“A lot. They could not say more. The rockets have started landing.”

“Torpedoes will be little use against aircraft no matter how few or how many.” Karn commented.

“There must be some ships to follow that many aeroplanes. Try the spotter plane channels.”

The wing continued toward the approaching air fleet, on a pointless intercept. The Corkscrews flanked the plane, holding back until they knew what the plan was.

“Sir, I have the target ship. They have spotted a convoy of landing ships.”

“Can we get to them without having to go through the planes?”

There was a brief conference between the radio operator and navigator. “Two- three- Oh. Though that may take us through the edge of the air fleet.”

“We will need to be on the deck for the torpedoes anyway.” Karn pointed out.

“We will. Radio, tell the Corkscrews what we are planning. They can come with us or carry on.” Harren began banking and descending before the message was even sent. The Corkscrews followed at height to provide cover.

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Spinneyhead Presents needs an office

I’m working my way through writing all the scripts for Spinneyhead Presents’ first six part serial. There’s one key scene that takes place in a relatively high tech office. Does anyone have a workplace that might suit. I promise filming will only take a couple of hours and you’ll get a mention for your help in the credits.

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