"Stand back! She might moisturise us!"

The guardian reports says she was not, as suggested, brandishing a screwdriver, Vaseline and matches, but the latest version of the story on the radio has her with hand cream and matches. Either way, a 60 year old woman having an anxiety attack meant a flight from London to Washington had to divert to Boston.

Hand cream!!?? “Olay, for when you absolutely, positively have to freak out every motherfucker on the plane!”

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  1. BoingBoing is reporting that gel bras may be the next thing to be banned.

    And if you follow the link to the source story at ABC News (US, obviously), you’ll see several wingnuts agree.

  2. Makes me wonder what’s next? Is it going to be underwired bras cos you might be able to assemble a bomb out of the wiring? Or something equally as innane that makes travelling a practical nightmare?

    Got to say the terrorists have achieved their goal of disruption and causing terror and panic to the mass public!

  3. I can’t help thinking of McGyver now.