Chip and Bin

Three local councils are prepared to pilot a scheme that puts microchips in rubbish bins so that the weight of trash thrown out by houses can be recorded. This will help them charge for the amount thrown out and hopefully encourage recycling.

Mr Bettison, chairman of the LGA’s environment board, said charging to collect non-recyclable rubbish would give people ” a real carrot to recycle”.

“Some people say ‘what’s in it for me?’ Well, let’s make it in their interest to recycle by helping them. In that way, we’re encouraging them to recycle more,” he said.

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0 thoughts on “Chip and Bin

  • Simon Sherlock

    The fairest way to do this is to knock off the cost of refuse collection from the Council tax bill and then charge per bin/weight etc. That way people will be encouraged to recycle rather than just being outraged at what they will see as extra expense. But can you foresee any council doing it this way?