Wish me luck

I’ve got an interview this morning, so I worried about it all last night and didn’t sleep well.

I also had two conversations yesterday about moving on, salvaging positive things from bad situations, my past, my future and various other things. So when I wasn’t worrying about the interview I was thinking about those, and didn’t sleep very well.

In half an hour I’ve got to catch a bus into town and then a tram to Altrincham and try to convince somebody to give me a job that might be the first step to getting my direction back. And I’m tired and emotional.

Like I said, wish me luck.

0 thoughts on “Wish me luck

  • Ian

    I was great, I’m not so sure about the job ;P
    It was a lot more basic a role than the details they sent me suggested, with no design elements. If they offer it at the rate I requested I’ll probably take it, though.

  • Anonymous

    I wondered what you were doing sneaking around Central Library before 9am…

    What happened to the Crewe move?

  • Ian

    I didn’t go to Crewe in the end. It’s not been a good month, and the details aren’t going to find their way onto Spinneyhead.

    Now I’m worried about who you could be, to recognise me skulking around St. Peter’s Square at that time in the morning. (I popped into the library to use their loo, I remember.)