0 Responses to Wanted for crimes against taste

  1. Okay, it wasn’t quite as PINK! as the one in your photo, but I cycled past a pink hatchback (might have been an ancient Metro) this morning, which had a similar fluffy steering wheel cover and “Powered by Fairydust” across the back window.

    Great start to my day….

  2. I’ll see your pink Ka and raise you by a Dynorod Day-glo Orange/red/pink (i’m not sure what colour it is) Suzuki!


    It was in Milton Keynes about 6 months ago…

  3. I worked for a company once that bought cars as company cars rather than leased them. I wanted to leave the company but not before I ordered a a bright pink Skoda Fabia/Felicia pick up. The barbie-pink one with wooden slats in the rear pick-up part. The aim is to leave before it arrives, so that they’re stuck with it for 3 years as a pool car!