Kittens! (Now with less sneezing)

I love cats, but I’m allergic to them and end up sneezing and short of breath if I get their hair on me. Which is why the news of hypoallergenic kittens appeals. On the other hand, having paid two and a half grand for Tiddles you’re unlikely to let it do all those independent things that make felines so arrogantly endearing in the first place.

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0 thoughts on “Kittens! (Now with less sneezing)

  • Carlton

    I’m the same – spend more than a few minutes with a cat and I have to break out the Benadryl. You just need to live with a cat constantly to get immune to them. I’m not sure I’d pay that much for something that will rip your curtains, puke behind the sofa and give you disparaging looks when you’ve got a killer hangover. I’ve got the kids to do that for me!