Heavensent 11.5

Note Two updates today because I forgot to post yesterday’s.

An hour out, the hulk said hello. YoungLady detected vibration in the rubbish accreted on its surface, dislodging dust and rocks. Then lights began blinking on and off. So many had been incapacitated over the years that it took some moments to discern the pattern- a ripple of light converging on a point where a section of the hull was sliding open slowly.

“I think it wants to invite us in.” JonPaul commented.

“Should we? It could be a trap.”

“GirlChild, we’re not returning to the Rock unless there’s something in there worth returning with. If we don’t go in we’re doomed. If we do, who knows?”

The ship only had the most rudimentary of automatic navigation aids. It pulled them up a set distance from the huge vessel, close enough that it more than filled the forward view, and JonPaul had to edge it along and into the bay opened for them. The youngsters shut up whilst he nudged the control stick and reoriented the craft.

“What’s that?” GirlChild asked, pointing out of a side window.

“It’s…… Not random.” YoungLady asserted, twisting around to view it from another angle. “I think it’s markings. A name or affiliation.”

“It’s in Old.” BoyChild said, “One of the dialects of Old. I was best in my class at Old.”

“Can you read it?”


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