Something I won't be doing on Saturday

Every so often I have the sort of evil thought I wouldn’t ever act upon.

Everyone should turn off their mobile for a wedding ceremony, it’s common courtesy. Just imagine the possibilities for evil. Just before going into the service create a text message to everyone you know is there saying something like “Did you turn your phone off?” then send it just as the bride walks down the aisle.

It has potential for entertainment, but I am not responsible for any lynchings that result.

If I now forget to turn off my phone on Saturday I am going to be in so much trouble…..

0 thoughts on “Something I won't be doing on Saturday

  • Manda

    who? moi? I’m so sweet and lovable, how could you possibly be scared of me… my minions however… well you wouldn’t want to mess with them 😉 See you saturday 🙂

  • Damian

    My brother remembered to switch his phone off before our sister’s wedding, but then had to turn it on again to ring the bride’s party for some reason. Unfrotunately, he forgot to switch it off after this and sure enough it started ringing halfway through the service, leaving him to juggle the video camera he was holding in an attempt to find and silence the phone.

    He got some glares that day!

  • ian j

    a couiple of summers ago ushering at my pet sister’s wedding my lil bro quietly firmly telling folks that if their phone went off they’d be joining my dad in the cemetery …