Daily archives: November 11, 2006

Hornby buys Airfix

In a deal thet’s been rumoured for a while, Hornby has bought Airfix (and Humbrol, another report I read said). There’s no mention of the Heller held moulds, the non-release of which drove Airfix into bankruptcy in the first place. I’d like to see that resolved and more of their classic kits re-released.

At the moment neither airfix.co.uk or airfix.com are up, But Hornby’s site has an item about the acquisition.

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UMIST / Manchester Beer Fest 2006

Beer Fest is a time for interesting events. This year, I talked to 2 lovely young ladies about their Degrees. I just how they didn’t think I was a pervert.

Still, Photos can be found on my gallery here. Apologise for there not being more photos, but the alcohol had my name on it…

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