All you need is sex

I thought I’d hit an inspiration block with my NaNoWriMo story. For the last few thousand words all my main characters seem to have been doing is having sex, pondering the strangeness going on around them, then having more sex. I thouight this was just because I didn’t know what to do with them next, but all the shagging has dislodged a plot idea in my head and now there’s a reason for all the nookie.

It kind of makes it less fun when it’s not gratuitous any more……

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0 Responses to All you need is sex

  1. It’s going to be something nasty, isn’t it? Like Ancient Ball Sack Disease (A Mighty Boosh reference).

  2. i am getting into Cory’s podcasts ( so when this is finished can we have some younglady with a nice voice read it, so i can listen to it in work?

  3. That would be a little odd as it’s told in the first person by a male character.

  4. ah but is it a male character who thinks he’s a woman? 😉

  5. If you’d seen what he’s been doing for the last few thousand words you’d see that he’s definitely not a man who thinks he’s a woman.

  6. He could be deeply confused….

  7. He’s deep[ly confused about a lot of things, but not his gender, sexuality or what he really likes doing with the female lead.

  8. deeply, not deep[ly