Daily archives: November 26, 2006

Thanks for the memories and the urls

I make no secret of my identity and I’m quite happy knowing that anyone can find Spinneyhead if they come looking for Ian Pattinson. If it’s someone I haven’t talked to in a while I’d hope they’d get in touch, even if they’re an ex-girlfriend. Regina Lynn, Wired’s sex columnist, isn’t so sure about the wisdom of bumping into old flames online. Or, in this case, letting them know that you’ve been checking them out.

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Sustainable living quiz night

The 8th Day vegetarian cafe is holding a sustainable living quiz night on Tuesday (28th). There will probably be a How to Save the World for Free team. I hope we don’t embarass ourselves.

In conjunction with ‘Action For Sustainable Living’, we’re hosting a Sustainable Living Quiz Night for you to find out how much you really know about living an eco friendly existence. Expect to be excited and amused, challenged and interested in a fun packed evening of entertainment. Tickets cost £3.00 which includes a light vegetarian buffet and drinks will be available from the licensed bar in the café. Arrive at 7.30pm for food with an 8pm start.

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Weekend round up

Rather than a whole bunch of little posts, here are a few snippets, complete with headlines.

No More NaNo For Now

I know I’m supposed to battle on doggedly until midnight on Thursday, but I’m not going to finish NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve got an interesting part 1 to expand upon, but no clue where part 2 would go.

The Muppets take Manhattan

Following the announcement of Harry and Meg’s engagement came the news that the wedding will be in the States and the reception over here. Tim and I immediately invited ourselves to the wedding and started planning some sort of Spinneyhead does America thing.

No Dice

Pretty girls dressed as dice don’t like it when you point out that they’ve got their numbering all wrong.

What the other half reads

As I’m about to return to Post & Publish and make it all about relationships I figured, by some twisted logic, that I should read a bit of chick-lit. My entirely arbitrary choice (from a charity shop) The Trials of Tiffany Trott and Come Together.

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