Daily archives: December 13, 2006

Silent Bob listens

Kevin Smith’s previously unpublished celebrity iTunes playlist. It’s time to do as he demands and put together my own playlist with explanations. However, to keep the usual suspects from surfacing, this is going to be based upon the year just gone.

James – Sit Down/ Oasis – Live Forever/ Stone Roses – I am the Ressurection

The Manchester Passion was one of the big events of the year, with something for everyone whether they were religious or not. My video of it can be found here.

Fun Loving Criminals- Scooby Snacks

Because there’s something so satisfying about a crowd full of people in a mill town shopping square on an overcast Sunday all bawling “Any of you fucking pigs move, I’ll execute every last motherfucking one of you!” Flickr photos tagged with “Oldham Festival”. More photos here.

Inspiral Carpets – Saturn 5/ The Wonderstuff – Welcome to the Cheap Seats

Tom Hingley and the Lovers opened their set at the Blackburn Arts in the Park event with a belting version of Saturn 5 and then went on to play an Inspirals nostalgia set when they noticed how the old farts at the left side of the stage loved it so. I can’t remember whether The Wonderstuff played Welcome to the Cheap Seats in their set, but it seems apt for a free festival. Photos here. Buy Abba Are The Enemy by Tom Hingley and the Lovers. Wonderstuff stuff. Inspiral Carpets stuff

Liam Frost – The Mourners of St Pauls/ Aim – Demonique

I saved Dpercussion. I even had a sticker that said so. Liam Frost does damn fine melodic songs. Everyone else was hot for the Pipettes, but I wasn’t that impressed. Far better music, and a much more attractive front lady, was provided by Aim. I don’t remember whether they did Demonique, but I chose it because it’s one of the scariest pieces of moody music I’ve ever heard. Dpercussion photos here.

REM – At My Most Beautiful/ Alice Cooper – Poison

Key songs from the two weddings I attended this year.


Songs to get buried to
Music to get laid to
A short favourites list

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Hobby's Annual

It’s been a long time since I saw one of these in a newsagents, I thought they must have gone out of print. So it was a surprise to find the 37th Hobby’s Annual whilst out on a lunch break. (The apostrophe is all their doing, by the way.)

The Annual is a large catalogue of craft and modelling stuff with a few articles and free plans thrown in for good measure. The bias is toward doll’s houses and crafts, but there’s some useful stuff for the modeller hidden away in there. I’m particularly interested in the casting and moulding supplies they stock because I want to start producing 3d stuff for Small Scale Customs at some point.

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Wigan Model Railway Show 2006, part 2

More photos from Sunday’s show. It sounds a bit strange, but the least interesting part of model railways for me are the actual trains. So you’ll see a bias in this gallery toward landscape, architecture, vehicles and vignettes. More photos to follow.

Pictures from 2005’s show can be seen here.

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