Still talking Nonce Sense

You’d think celebrities would have learnt from Brass Eye and the like to at least check the science they’re supporting is valid, but they still come out with some really dumb stuff- such as Madonna’s quest to neutralise radiation. So a group of scientists have set up a helpline so that celebs can cut the risk of making fools of themselves and us, by phoning up and getting their facts straight.

Bonus Brass Eye clips on YouTube.

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0 thoughts on “Still talking Nonce Sense

  • Bertie

    Without wishing to disagree, Sense about Science are a somewhat odd organization, linked to the Living Marxism cult, and very pro-GM, MMR and all those other good things. They’re basically funded by big Pharma. This might all be a good thing, but would be nice if the Beeb mentioned it when using their reports…