Daily archives: January 8, 2007

Floating on air and cutting emmissions at sea

A Danish helicopter pilot with a passion for sailing has developed a system that could cut the fuel consumption of cargo ships by 15%. It works by pumping air into a cavity under the ship, thus reducing drag. The extra cost of installing such a system on a brand new vessel would likely be paid for withing four years.

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Charging for waste

The Local Government Association are proposing schemes to cut the amount of domestic waste. One possibility is to charge households more if they throw more stuff out. This will only work if there’s a baseline amount of rubbish removal covered by Council Tax with rebates for those who produce less and charges for tose who produce more. And it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to police.

A better idea, also hinted at, is to cut the amount of unnecessary material entering the house in the first place- fining manufacturers and shops whose products are over-packaged.

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Drivel in the Daily Telegraph

Janet Daley believes that Green policies are just a middle class plot to keep the ‘umble workin’ man down. Just in case they, like the Daily Mail, won’t publish comments that are too sensible to fit their world view, here’s my reply-

We have these things called feet, and there’s a wonderful invention known as the bicycle. Intelligent use of these allows far more efficient access to the “metropolitan existence” than a car ever could, whilst saving enough money to more than cover any increased cost of longer journeys.

The call is for people to consume less. This, some fail to recognise, saves money. The poorer members of society will benefit more from it as energy costs are a greater proportion of their expenses. If Janet Daley really cares about the welfare of ordinary working people she should be calling for carbon trading and more energy saving measures to give them the boost they deserve.

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All I wanted was some tender loving care, Before it gets sponsored with the water and the air

Call me old fashioned
But I’m a little nervous about the future
I’ve got no enthusiasm
For burgers or computers
Televisions bores me now
In a hundred different ways
And the police are getting younger
Getting younger every day

Glam Rock Cops – Carter USM

Full lyrics here.

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