Drivel in the Daily Telegraph

Janet Daley believes that Green policies are just a middle class plot to keep the ‘umble workin’ man down. Just in case they, like the Daily Mail, won’t publish comments that are too sensible to fit their world view, here’s my reply-

We have these things called feet, and there’s a wonderful invention known as the bicycle. Intelligent use of these allows far more efficient access to the “metropolitan existence” than a car ever could, whilst saving enough money to more than cover any increased cost of longer journeys.

The call is for people to consume less. This, some fail to recognise, saves money. The poorer members of society will benefit more from it as energy costs are a greater proportion of their expenses. If Janet Daley really cares about the welfare of ordinary working people she should be calling for carbon trading and more energy saving measures to give them the boost they deserve.

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