Red light, Yellow Light, Green Light. Go!,,6-2560540,00.html

Martin Cassini wants to do away with traffic lights, arguing that it will lead to a reduction in congestion and a magical cut in CO2 production without putting non-motorists at risk.  I don’t see it.  The last time I was knocked off my bike it was by someone sailing out of a side road with no traffic control.  He certainly failed to exercise any of the common sense that would be required to make this scheme work, and we all see several examples of such idiocy every day.

I remember reading about studies that had shown a reduction in congestion when certain through roads were closed.  Probably fewer people wasted time trying to find rat runs and then filtering back in further along the same road.  I’d like to see a motoring journalist call for that, or anything that encouraged people to get out of their cars and onto foot for short (<2 miles) and bike for medium (<5-10 miles) journeys.