Starry Night Lights

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At first I thought Starry Night Lights were going to be unhappy with what they’d spent their money on. The company is dedicated to providing outside lighting that cuts down light pollution. This, I thought, was an aesthetic issue, of interest only to astronomers and Lisa Simpson.

With the caveat that exterior lighting should be reduced as much as possible, Starry Night Lights do make a fair argument for the environmental benefits of their products. They want house-holders to eliminate unnecessary illumination and install shaded and low energy lighting only where it’s absolutely necessary, and then have it linked to motion sensors so it only comes on when needed.

There’s no denying the earnestness of the man behind this company, he even has his own outdoor lighting blog where he questions the logic of illumination oneupmanship and suggests solutions. The site, sadly, is a bit clunky, looking very much like an old school effort from the early days of online commerce. And it’s based in the USA, so of no use to me even if I was in the market for low energy external lighting.

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  • Sharon J

    I can go with low energy lighting but my exterior lights (two of them, one over each entrance) but all the while the police tell us that our homes are less likely to be visited by unwanted guests, my lights stay well and truly on.

    The light also makes the house more welcoming for the children to come home to.