It's all Mii, Mii, Mii
The Wii Mii editor blog.  It’s been commented that my Mii is a good representation, so I was thinking of exporting it as a JPEG or GIF and using it as my picture on MySpace/ Blogger/ etc..  Maybe somewhere in the archives this blog will tell me how to do that.
Or perhaps one of the tools reviewed here will do it for me.,,2007714,00.html
On the subject of MiiSpace, it long ago past the point where it became unassailable as the social networking site for the whole world.  The article also touches on something that annoyed me when I was looking around last night- the effective usurping of rights to material uploaded to the site.  There doesn’t seem to be a way to embed my Revver videos and MySpace pockets the advertising revenue generated if I upload stuff.  As the cast, crew and I put so much effort into Memory there’s no way we’re going to let Rupet Murdoch make money off it.  Perhaps I can put the relevant code into blog posts on the site, we’ll see.