Daily archives: February 9, 2007

The Doomsday seed bank

Norway’s planned "Doomsday" seed bank in the Svalbard Islands. The problem with a truly catastrophic event is that some of the seeds will last no more than a decade.  By the time it was rediscovered, many of the vault’s contents could be long decayed.

There are plans to create a training scheme for "digital plumbers" so technicians will have the skills to handle home entertainment and automation systems.

She will never take you higher than her attic room

you’re pretty, oh so pretty
why waste your time just sitting
here a-listening to this dead-eye bitch?

do nothing, eat your chocolate,
drink your wine, she won’t let you
make your way across her empire line!

what’s eating you is a mystery
but go home with her one more time
and you know you’ll be history

watch movies with the lights on
sit still; keep her tights on
do you see this once and timeless week?
go on, say something clever
just act(s) it, she will never
take you higher than her attic room

Giddy Stratospheres – the Long Blondes