Daily archives: February 27, 2007

Don't tell Dan Brown

Jesus’ tomb? James Cameron has bankrolled research for a documentary that claims to reveal the last resting place of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene and their son Judah. The ossuaries containing the bodies were found in teh 1980s, but only recently have the scientific tools been developed to investigate them properly. Plus, after The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood and Holy Grail the public is far more gullible about this sort of thing.

Greening the construction industry

Leading property and construction firms have formed the UK Green Building Council and given themselves 10 years to transform their industry and make it sustainable. They also make the sensible observation that energy saving measures shouldn’t just be applied to new builds as houses that have already been built will still account for 75% of the housing stock in 2050.

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Beat me with the pumice stone, eight to the bar

My lavatory has been my sanctuary
And it’s easy for you to laugh at me
‘Cos I been 30 good years in the bathroom, baby
Rubadubdub one man in a tub and it’s me
Always me

And now the time has come to share the joke
That the latch on the bathroom door is broke
And now it’s time to let you know
That it’s only the beat of my heart that is slow
Who’s fault is this? I deny that it’s mine
I been stuck in here since 1959
That’s 30 good years in the bathroom baby
But it’s okay, yeah it’s okay
Cos when they come to take me away
I will be clean, I will be clean

30 Years in the Bathroom – Wonderstuff