How Green should Gore be?

Do Green campaigners have to be absolutely pure? The question arises from the fuss caused by snide naysayers who are attacking Al Gore’s lifestyle to turn attention away from his message.

By all accounts Gore and his family have gone beyond carbon neutral.  No matter how much energy his mansions consume he’s planting the trees or making the investments to write that off and then spending a bit more.  Of course, the antis know this but don’t bother to mention it because that would destroy their argument.

It’s time for Gore to slap solar panels and windmills on his properties and ask what the rumour mongers are doing to reduce their carbon footprints.

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  • vanessa

    I don’t think Al Gore should be totally dismissed just because he hasn’t gotten around to installing solar panels on his roof yet (although he better do it soon). I’m all about practical environmentalism and minimal but healthy levels of eco-guilt.

    Great blog — just found it today. You can check out my own, self-imposed green challenge at