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CeeGee Studios created an awesome compueter animated short about Nazi super robots (YouTube part 1, Part 2). It got me dreaming up possible propellerpunk (that’s my name for it, which I coined for a story called Heavensent, others call it Dieselpunk) battle scene dioramas.

Take the sort of robots and sci-fi subjects available through Hobbylink Japan, kitbash them with second world war era tank and plane parts then set them against some period tanks or ships. To give an idea of the size of the robot you’d really need to do it in a scale such as 1:144, or even smaller. Revell does a 1:200 oil rig, the destruction of which would be an opening scene from the giant robot movie. Mirage does a Polish harbour diorama in 1:400 or the Clyde, circa 1940 in the same scale. In larger scales 1:144 is well supplied. Here’s Hannants’ list, and that of interesting looking Japanese garage kit company Kami de Koro Koro.

I’m going to be on the lookout for giant robot kits now.

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