Eco talk at the Hay Festival

Some of the contributors to the Guardin’s Comment Is Free section are at the Hay Festival. Here are a few of their Green flavoured posts-

Is political leadership renewable?

The challenge facing David Miliband is clear – to realise the potential of renewable energy. Today’s question at Hay: does he have the courage to do it?

I’m not climate change’s Billy Graham

Climate change denial, I discovered at the Hay festival, shares the same characteristics as religion.

The joys of going green

Dick Strawbridge’s talk at Hay was enough to make the most jaded nip out for a low-energy lightbulb.

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0 thoughts on “Eco talk at the Hay Festival

  • Anonymous

    Dear Editor,

    I found this comment whilst looking at green isues, it is from Mr Dickie Strawbridge TV’s favourite moustache.


    The best idea I’ve seen to tackle climate change is…
    I’m working with a company that has found a way of capturing CO2 emissions from internal combustion engines, which could mean that soon cars, power stations and any form of motor powered by fossil fuels won’t contribute to climate change.

    If this company has achieved this as Mr Strawbridge is saying then we are looking at the next Industrial revolution as discribed by Mr Gordon Brown earlier in the week.

    The comments were of this being worth Trillions to the British Economy and a million new jobs for UK workers.

    Does anybody know who they are as every company in the country, nether mind the world will need there services. If Al Gore got a Nobel peace prize for a film on Climte Change, what will these guys get for actually halting it?

    I look forward to reading the next issue, maybe finding out who they are?

    Yours truly