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Gluesniffers Anonymous

Coop’s uploading dozens of photos a day. They’re all interesting and loads of them are relevant as photo reference (some of them include naked ladies, which is cool too). Subscribe to his feed if you’re interested in hot rods.

A set that I think went up today is of, as he puts it “Some bad photos of vintage model kits I have assembled in a sloppy fashion.

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Who's a Rat?

Who’s a Rat?
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The Mouse would like it known that, despite his heritage, he’s not a rat. But just in case anyone outs him, he’s taking precautions.

There’s a site out there called Who’s A Rat? (currently timing out), where police informers and undercover officers can be named and shamed targetted. It’s American, and protected by the First Amendment, but I bet anyone starting a Who’s A Dealer? site would have more than Free Speech to worry about.

The Daily Mail supports gay adoption!

So long as the gay adoptive parents are flamingos, anyway. Carlos and Fernando, Greater Flamingos living at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, have a history of stealing eggs from straight birds and hatching them (which got them in the news last year). So when a chick was abandoned keepers stuffed it into a broken egg which they left in Carlos and Fernando’s nest so they could bond with it when it “hatched”. So far the little bird’s two dads are doing a fine job of raising it.