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Manchester Metropolitan degree show

Studio 2
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Wandering back from photographing a Transformer attacking Urbis, I spotted the Manchester Metropolitan degree show. I had been meaning to go along and see stuff by the film students earlier in the week, but never got round to it. In the end, I think film was the only course I didn’t check out.

My favourite item was the Zip MP3 player concept, designed to fit in the shell of your old Zippo lighter. I thought they’d gone so far as to put up a web page about it, but zipmp3.co.uk won’t respond. I may have to go back and see if they’ve got an email address, because I’d like to use the player as a prop some time.

I wandered around the maze of Arts faculty buildings, wishing I had the funding and patience to be able to get to their level. I turned off a tap in Studio 2 because the sink was overflowing. I do hope it wasn’t part of the installation. There follows a list of all the students sensible enough to set up a web presence for themselves. I haven’t looked around their pages yet, so the links are offered without comment unless I can remember something from the show.-


Ian interviewed on Let's Go Global tv

Yesterday evening I went along to the Let’s Go Global tv studios in Old Trafford to see how they made their programmes because I might be co-presenting the No Budget Show from next week. The singer scheduled to do two songs didn’t turn up, so they interviewed me about Memory instead. I can’t get it to work on my PC, but the Superchannel stream of the show is here. If you can make it work, please tell me how good or bad I was.

A tank from a lake

Tanks from the Second World War are still being pulled out of the lakes around St. Petersburg. If I remember my history correctly, the city was resupplied across the frozen lakes during the winter phases of the siege and at times the ice broke. The site refers to it as a “BT” tank. You can get BT5 or BT7 tanks in 1:35th scale from Zvezda, or BT5, BT7 or BT2 from Unimodel in 1:72nd. A salvage operation like this would make for an interesting diorama.

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The San Fernando Valley Illegal Soapbox Federation

Letting gravity do the work. I was thinking about the doing a go-kart race down Shudehill the other day. It would only be a short sprint, however. I’m sure there are other hills near Manchester that would offer better challenges and less traffic to stop, and for the truly insane there are a few really steep roads in the Pennines with sheer drops off one side.

The San Fernando Valley Illegal Soapbox Federation meets on the second Sunday of every month to charge downhill on wide American roads in races of twenty or more karts. Which is cool.

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