Manchester Metropolitan degree show

Studio 2
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Wandering back from photographing a Transformer attacking Urbis, I spotted the Manchester Metropolitan degree show. I had been meaning to go along and see stuff by the film students earlier in the week, but never got round to it. In the end, I think film was the only course I didn’t check out.

My favourite item was the Zip MP3 player concept, designed to fit in the shell of your old Zippo lighter. I thought they’d gone so far as to put up a web page about it, but won’t respond. I may have to go back and see if they’ve got an email address, because I’d like to use the player as a prop some time.

I wandered around the maze of Arts faculty buildings, wishing I had the funding and patience to be able to get to their level. I turned off a tap in Studio 2 because the sink was overflowing. I do hope it wasn’t part of the installation. There follows a list of all the students sensible enough to set up a web presence for themselves. I haven’t looked around their pages yet, so the links are offered without comment unless I can remember something from the show.-