Because we were arguing about the F-35’s abilities after watching Die Hard 4.0 last night.

Wikipedia on the F-35. (It even notes the plane’s part in the film.)

F-35 vertical taking off and hovering.

The film’s great fun, not letting up much and only presenting a few bits that looked wrong (surely when your truck’s leaning so hard the left hand side’s in the air you’d steer right, into the lean, not left, much like steering into a skid). It’ll probably be trounced by Transformers as brainless action movie of the summer, but recommended as two hours of simple fun.

If you want to see what went before, you can get the Die Hard trilogy at Amazon. 4.0 is easily as good as Die Hard 3, and definitely better than 2, but the original, with its inventive use of the office tower location, is still the best.