Damn those foreigners for being more English than the English!

The former Tory MP was responding to an article in the Mail revealing that a foreigner is granted a UK passport every five minutes.

He said: “These people have actively sought British citizenship because they want to make a contribution to the UK.

“I am not sure how many people born in this country have the same commitment. The tests for citizenship are greater than they have ever been.

“We are now turning immigrants into better citizens than people born with a British passport.”

The Daily Mail and its frothing “I’m not a racist, but…” readership are up in arms about this, and goes out of its way to cite Abu Hamza et al as examples of the sort of immigrant we’re getting, insinuating that they’re all muggers, rapists and killers. Take any million British citizens and I think you’d find a number of vile scum in the mix. I mean, a few of them would be Daily Mail readers for a start.