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The first of Andy’s Transformers to find a new home. It’s in Salford Quays, sheltering in a crane.

This is going to be marked on a map, as are most of the robots and GIs released. There is also a set on Flickr of bot-crossing pictures for you to check out.

If you found BOT001 and visited the blog to find out more, please leave a message in the comments telling us what you plan to do with your newly adopted robot.

0 thoughts on “BOT001

  • Anonymous

    I found it! The cynic in me thought it was some marketing ploy to do with the new film (christ I hope its good!) instead I get to read quite a touching story of yer man Andy. A great loss it seems.

    As for Jetfire, he will be proudly displayed with all the other toys.

    All the best chaps


  • Ian

    Cheers Lee. This project is all about finding new homes for a few hundred robots-in-disguise and GI Joes. It’s good to hear that we got off to such a good start. Keep your eyes peeled for more of them.