Daily archives: August 2, 2007

Ladies Love Green Guys

According to Nuts magazine “Caring about the environment” is now the number one most attractive trait a man can possess, displacing old favourite “Good sense of Humour”. The Green Guy has the full press release.

It’s not the easiest thing to start a conversation about in the pub though. “Hey, do you compost?”

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Organic farming cuts greenhouse gases

A 27 year comparative study has concluded that organic farming methods such as no-till sowing and growing winter cover can see soil retain 30% more carbon than ploughing and chemical use. Not only do these methods sequester carbon in a cheap and simple way, they can produce as much, or more, food as “intensive” farming methods.

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An X Prize for fuel consumption

The foundation that handed out $10million to the makers of SpaceShipOne for being the first non-government space craft has announced a $10million prize for the first team to produce a commercially viable car capable of 100 miles to the gallon. So far 30 teams have announced their intentions to participate.

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