Daily archives: August 6, 2007

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning
Originally uploaded by spinneyhead.
Actually the second go around at this image, and the strip that follows it. One lazy Sunday a couple discuss the difference between erotica and porn using just interpretive dance.

Or something similar.

Done in Poser, exported as line art and cel-shaded colour then composited, cleaned up and lettered.

Jet skiing on the High Street

During the recent floods “youths” decided to take to their local streets on jet skis. Which sounds cool to me, though, as usual, some morons had to get violent when asked to stop.

Also, spot the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail website. Having taken the high moral ground about how terrible this behaviour is and suggesting it shouldn’t be uploaded to YouTube, they embedded the video below in the report.

Monday morning videos- Steampunk and Lost Girls

Both via BoingBoing, two videos to start the week with.

A Gentleman’s Duel is a pretty piece of cgi’d steampunk which sees and Englishman and a Frenchman brawling in their steam powered robots over a lady’s magnificent boobies.

SexTV interviews Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie about Lost Girls (NSFW).