Daily archives: August 20, 2007


The world leader in male chastity.

Our business started in 1998 with a new approach in male chastity devices. We have proven ourselves worldwide to be the most popular chastity device on the market year after year. Our goals are to continue to come up with updated devices based on our customers needs.

The concept of manufacturing the chastity devices in a highly durable plastic material was well thought out. We wanted them to be light weight, hygienically clean and designed not only for the frequent flyer, but, also for any professional that wants to wear them and still be able to get through metal detectors; i.e. lawyers, pilots, security officers, and judges just to name a few. We recommend wearing the plastic locks under these circumstances for added security as not to set off a metal detector with the brass padlock. The possibility is that you can wear a chastity device 24/7 and not interfere with your normal business routine.

Edited highlights of collecting in Glasgow

Notice, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

First off, I should state for the record that I didn’t do any collecting. I helped in the count room and wandered around taking photos. Every time I thought I should go out and shake a bucket for the first time in several years I’d look out the window and it would still be pissing down. However, thanks to the hardier souls who did venture out we collected £1,666, a number we felt Andy would have appreciated.

Highlights of the weekend-

On the way up the A74(M) was blocked because of a big accident. We ventured down an A road, only to be detoured off it. Then detoured off the detour. We ended up on single track that reminded me of the roads around home, then got narrower.

When we finally got to Glasgow our quest for a drink was foiled by bad communication and witnessing a hit and run. Well, it was more of a sideswipe and run. As the lights changed and a couple of cars decided to race each other a drunk women chose to run across the road. She got far enough to avoid the first then ran straight into the side of the other and was spun around and knocked off her feet. Dan called the ambulance and Malky had the wherewithal to note the car’s licence.

We finally found booze in a bar called Stavka, which had very jovial door staff and didn’t charge entry.

Glasgow’s a rather nice city. It would have been nicer if they hadn’t had a month’s rain in one day.

Tebay services has a farmers’ shop. The produce turned snacking on the way up into an awfully civilised picnic.