Comments please – best bars, bookshops etc. in Manhattan

It’s less than a fortnight until Spinneyhead takes Manhattan. I’ve taken to looking for bars and other places of interest in Google Local, but it’s no substitute for personal recommendations.

Harry recommended a bar and a bookshop on Sunday, but I didn’t write them down and, having a memory like one of those things with the wire mesh that you use to drain stuff, have now forgotten them. So, if you can leave your New York memories in the comments it would be greatly appreciated. Bars should serve interesting local microbrewery stuff if possible, I’m not flying out there to drink Guinness or the sort of stuff I’d avoid over here. Bookshops should be eccentric and crammed full of old tomes.

Oh, and clothes shops as well. I have an urge to supplement my wardrobe with stuff I couldn’t get over here.

0 thoughts on “Comments please – best bars, bookshops etc. in Manhattan

  • Manda

    argh! Does this mean we’re gonna be spending our days in NYC shopping??

    I may abandon you to play with museums and madness :p

    Eleven days!!!!

  • Ian

    Bars in the evening, and I do love a good bookshop. But most of the time will be museums and madness.

    And leaving GIs around the place.

    And shooting footage for the next Spinneyhead film.

  • m. mactire

    I bet Harry would’ve said The Strand bookstore at 12th St & Broadway.

    McSorley’s, also in the Village, is the oldest pub in New York and good for both beer (they serve only their own – dark or light) and touristing. It’s often crowded in the evenings but also good for lunch/afternoon.

    Our favorite bar on Times Square is Scottish-themed; somehow I guess that coming from the UK as a visitor, that kind of thing is less appealing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • harry

    oh dear-looks like meg got in there first! try the heartland brewery pubs-theres one in union square, and another by the south st seaport, and i reckon you might enjoy the intrepid museum-a preserved essex class carrier,docked on the west side of manhattan, with a gaggle of planes/tanks/smaller vessels in and around her

  • meg

    For clothing, perhaps try Century 21, a discount department store across the street from ground zero. I’ve only been there once so I can’t speak much for it personally, but it has quite a “hidden treasure” kind of reputation.

  • Lorna

    And the best bit about all of this is that I’m going to NYC after the wedding so you’ll be able to give me some nice tips! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (Don’t forget to write them down/get their cards!)