The Old House Abroad

The Old House Abroad, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

We travelled three and a half thousand miles to end up in a bar called McGregors where the beer mats advertised a pub two streets away from my house. Globalisation, eh.

0 thoughts on “The Old House Abroad

  • Stephen Newton

    That’s pretty cool dude. It makes Withington look like a rural idyll.

    So where is McGregors and is it worth a visit?

  • Ian

    It’s somewhere near Rochester in upstate New York. I’ll try to put it on a map when I work it out.

  • Ian

    The beermats were advertising Boddingtons, of course. I didn’t drink any- there’s no point flying across the Atlantic to drink something I wouldn’t drink at home- I’d much rather have an Arrogant Bastard or one of the other local brews.

  • Damian

    Those beer mats must be years old then – they haven’t sold Boddies in the Old House in at least six years. Plus, its no longer “imported from Manchester”.

  • Tim

    It is still brewed in Manchester (under License at the Hyde brewery, I believe), so it could be imported from Manchester.