The Old House Abroad

The Old House Abroad, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

We travelled three and a half thousand miles to end up in a bar called McGregors where the beer mats advertised a pub two streets away from my house. Globalisation, eh.

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  1. Avatar Stephen Newton
    Stephen Newton says:

    That’s pretty cool dude. It makes Withington look like a rural idyll.

    So where is McGregors and is it worth a visit?

  2. It’s somewhere near Rochester in upstate New York. I’ll try to put it on a map when I work it out.

  3. The beermats were advertising Boddingtons, of course. I didn’t drink any- there’s no point flying across the Atlantic to drink something I wouldn’t drink at home- I’d much rather have an Arrogant Bastard or one of the other local brews.

  4. Those beer mats must be years old then – they haven’t sold Boddies in the Old House in at least six years. Plus, its no longer “imported from Manchester”.

  5. It is still brewed in Manchester (under License at the Hyde brewery, I believe), so it could be imported from Manchester.