Daily archives: October 9, 2007

Manchester Model Railway Club Show 2007

I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about the Manchester Model Railway Club show because I was slightly out of synch, having just flown back from the US a few hours before attending.

It took place in one of the Co-op’s many buildings in Manchester, in a pair of halls also used for the CAMRA real ale festival. Overall it was larger than the Wigan show, but not by much. I took notes of which layouts I photographed and when I find the notebook I’ll go back and name all of them in the Flickr gallery for the event.

Maybe Photoshop CSI does exist

I’m alternately infuriated and amused by the wonders of photo manipulation on the various CSIs. It would be really cool if there were some psychic version of Photoshop that could work over compressed pictures until they contained more information than the originals. I could draw stick figure comic layouts and have them worked up to full comic art.

Interpol, however, have achieved a bit of Photoshoppery they think is worthy of Grissom and the gang. Taking 200 photos of a paedophile abusing young boys they “untwirled” the effect that was used to obscure his face. Inerpol refuse to say how they did this, but several commenters on BoingBoing have pointed out that it’s just a matter of doing the same manipulation with negative values.

The Anarchist Cookbook

Okay, this is dumb. As pointed out by BoingBoing, a 17 year old boy has been arrested for possessing The Anarchist Cookbook, a book that is readily available from amazon.co.uk.

It’s also not a very good manual on making explosives, according to one of the reader reviews-

This book is very informative as to how to get yourself killed. Being a student of chemistry i can safely say that THE RECIPIES IN THIS BOOK ARE VERY INACCURATE. It’s more of a good read than an explosives manual, if you want to make a bomb, look elsewhere.
On the whole a very good read, but don’t take it seriously.

Somebody buy a copy and send it to West Yorkshire Police as a gift. Maybe then they’ll get a clue.