I am Cosmo Man

I’m all over the media at the moment. Last night I was on TV for a whole ten seconds, beating up a morris dancer on It’s Adam & Shelly. Today I picked up a copy of Cosmopolitan to read the article I was interviewed for by the morris dancer.

He took my fellow skinheads and I to a rather swish restaurant (Carlos Tevez was two tables over from us) and interviewed us about what makes women sexy. If you’ve got a copy, try to guess which Cosmo Man is me. First person to get it right in the comments, and to say what gave it away, wins a prize (probably chocolate).

I wandered around the Cosmo site to see if I could find the article on it. No luck so far. However, if you read the back of the Must Not Mention Sheep T-shirt you’ll find one of the MNMs is “That article in Cosmo about blowjobs”. I must have meant this one- Get blow-job Brownie points.