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    The most commonly used level algorithms for testing readability are Gunning Fog, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid.

    At low grade levels, British and American pupils perform differently due to the order that schools teach synthetic and analytical phonics for pupils to mechanistically learn to read (reading for understanding come later). By ages 7+ however pupils tend to perform the same on the same/similar texts. British texts tend to come out slightly harder to read as they word by looking at numbers of difficult words in a counting period. Slightly more of the differing words have more syllables in British than American, (e.g. in American, trash has one syllable, rubbish in British has 2, Freeway has 2, Motorway has 3)

    Depending on the particular programming of these algorithms, some of them use any punctuation mark to be the end of a counting period, others only used full stops. Research has not yet decided which is most accurate, as correctly lightly used punctuation makes a document easier to read than heavy usage of incorrect punctuation.