Daily archives: December 10, 2007

The Machine Girl

It’s got ninjas! Revenge! Dismemberment! Lots and lots of blood! What more could we want?

The Machine Girl. The trailer’s bloodier than the average action film.

It looks like the sort of film that would join our Monday night crap film list, alongside the likes of The Ultimate Ninja, TNT Jackson and tonight’s event- Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold

Sweet baby Jesus

The baby Jesus in the nativity scene on St Ann’s Square has been dollnapped. The figurine was replaced with a rose.

LAst time I was in St Ann’s Square everyone in teh nativity seemed to have got drunk and fallen over. As security has now been increased perhaps I shouldn’t leave a bot in front of it.

In another nativity scene stunt last year, the figures were put in compromising positions.

Manchester council spokesman Pat Karney said: “I’m shocked and horrified. What kind of a world are we living in when someone will steal the baby Jesus out of the Christmas crib?

“I thought I’d seen everything last year when someone re-arranged the figures into compromising positions, but this has surprised even me.”

The power of cheese

An Austrian cheese factory now gets some of its power from a gas burner that uses methane released when whey is heated. The system, created by a Rochdale business, is dual fuel, switching to piped natural gas when methane production is too low, and has helped the factory cut its carbon footprint by 30%.

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