Future Squats of Manchester

Future Squats of Manchester, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Pasted on the corner of the abandoned Cine City in Withington. The text, as best as I can make out, reads-

“The rapid urban regeneration of Manchester has resulted in dozens of ne ‘luxury’ apartment buildings. These new homes for the rich are part of a planned attack on local working class and poor residents. Gentrification projects like these lead to rising rents and the homogenisation of our communities. Local residents and families will gradually be forced out of their homes as young, single profesionals are welcomed.

Often, these expensive flats are built next to some of the most economically deprived areas in the city. Planners, architects and eventually residents turn a blind eye to the conditions of many of the city’s sitting tenants, the like[s of which?] these homes were never designed for. Worthwhile regeneration projects aim[ed at improving?] standards in the very worst areas of Manchester lose out to grand displa[ys desig?]ned to attract the interests of more [?] investors. Newly gentrified are[as?……] incoming residents by the state [install?]ing strict surveillance, greater po[lice presence and harsh?] penaties.”