Daily archives: January 7, 2008

New Spinneyworld product – Print your own stone setts

Available for download for £1.50- print your own stone setts. This file will allow you to make as many back alleys and yards as you need to fill in the space behind your terraced houses. there are two sheets- one large block of setts to be cut up for yards and open spaces, with rusty manhole covers to be cut out and placed where appropriate, and one page of alleys with edging and a drain.

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Sleeping dog

Sleeping dog, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Bess, asleep on the carpet in front of the fire. Sometimes she dreams she’s chasing rabbits and you can see her legs twitching as she runs.

It's not looking good for Affleck's

The management of Affleck’s Palace have still not receibved any notification from the building’s owers Bruntwood about renewal of their lease. So they’ve had to tell their tenants that they may have as little as two weeks left in the building.

If Affleck’s dies then it’ll take a big chunk of what makes Manchester special with it.