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Rochdale model railway show

ROCHDALE Model Railway Group will showcase some of the countries best model railway layouts at their 45th annual exhibition.

The show will be held at the Oulder Hill Leisure Centre, Oulder Hill School, Hudsons Walk, Rochdale, on February 2 and February 3. Tickets cost £3.50 for adults, £2.50 for OAPs, £2 for children or £9 for a family ticket.

More info from Manchester Evening News.

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Stop! —————————————————————— —————————————————————- Hammer Time!

Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this

My, my, my, my music hits me so hard
Makes me say oh my Lord
Thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hyped feet
Feels good when you know you’re down
A superdope homeboy from the Oaktown
And I’m known
as such
And this is a beat uh you can’t touch

I told you homeboy,can’t touch this
Yeah, that’s how we livin’ and ya know,
can’t touch this
Look in my eyes man, can’t touch this
Yo let me bust the funky lyrics, you can’t touch this

Fresh new kicks and pants
You got it like that now you know wanna dance
So move out of your seat
And get a fly girl and catch this beat
While it’s rollin’ hold on
Pump a little bit and let them know it’s going on
Like that, like that
Cold on a mission so fall on back
Let ’em know that you’re too much
And this is a beat uh they can’t touch

Yo I told you, can’t touch this
Why you standing there man, can’t touch this
Yo sound the bell school is in sucker
can’t touch this

Give me a song or rhythm
Making no sweat that’s what I’m giving ’em
So now they know
You talk about the Hammer when you’re talking ’bout a show
That’s hyped and tight
Singers are sweatin’ so pass them a wipe
Or a tape to learn
What it’s gonna take in the 90’s to burn
The charts legit
Either work hard or you might as well quit

That’s word because you know
Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Break it down!
Stop! Hammer time!

Go with the flow it is said
If you can’t move to this then you probably are dead
So wave your hands in the air
Bust a few moves run your fingers through your hair
This is it for a winner
Dance to this and you’re gonna get thinner
Now move slide your rump
Just for a minute let’s all do the bump

Bump bump bump yeah, you can’t touch this
Look man, can’t touch this
You’ll probably get hyped boy ’cause you know you can’t, can’t touch this
Ring the bell school’s back in, break it down!
Stop! Hammer time!

Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Break it down!
Stop! Hammer time!

Every time you see me, that Hammer’s just so hype
I’m dope on the floor and I’m magic on the mic
Now why would I ever stop doing this
With others makin’ records that just don’t hit
I toured around the world from London to The Bay
It’s Hammer go Hammer MC Hammer Yo Hammer and the rest can go and play

Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Can’t touch this
Yea, Can’t touch this
I told you, can’t touch this
Too hype can’t touch this
Get me outta here, you can’t touch this

U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer

Grant Management – Green letting agency

Grant Management promise that all the properties they let are carbon neutral because their energy use is offset by buying trees. If that were all it would be nice, but just a bit of canny marketting. However, their About Us section suggests that the commitment goes deeper-

About Our Commitment to the Environment

Grant Management has embraced the environment by achieving carbon neutral status. This was accomplished by reducing the company’s carbon footprint and offsetting the balance through tree planting via Global Trees. Additionally, Grant Management has made the properties it manages carbon neutral, recycling, re-using and sharing environmental knowledge and ideas with other individuals and companies.

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