Monthly archives: March 2008

Waiting for Midnight

A certain amount of language was used in casa Spinneyhead over the weekend when we discovered that Midnight Club: Los Angeles won’t be available until September (June if you own a PS3).

Just so long as Grand Theft Auto IV comes out on time to keep us occupied. Until then we’ll keep trying to get past the infuriating Moscow mission in Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions or dive into Bioshock.

Let’s hear it for multiculturalism

To hell with all the closet racists, I enjoy living in a country where I can occasionally buy food I don’t understand.

Let's hear it for multiculturalism

To hell with all the closet racists, I enjoy living in a country where I can occasionally buy food I don’t understand.

Crank 2? Hell yes!

There’s going to be a Crank 2. We loved Crank in casa Spinneyhead. It was an insane, surreal, over the top film that managed to get away with breaking loads of rules. I’d have thought the ending ruled out a sequel, but I’m sure they’ll find some way around it that makes no sense but doesn’t matter.

And I’d like to quickly mention Shoot ‘Em Up, another mad movie that skirted the boundaries of plot sense and was incredibly entertaining because of it as well.

The Archetypal Ex

Or the many archetypes of ex, to be accurate.

I’m just wondering, for Venn and other story ideas, if I can create a few recognisable past relationships for a character and then paint details into the broad outlines. Every relationship is beautiful and disastrous in its own unique ways, but they often follow familiar arcs.

So far I’ve got-

The One That Got Away

Fairly obvious. The first love that never quite worked out, or the relationship that foundered because of outside pressures.

Short But Sweet

I don’t mean height, rather the length of the relationship- the holiday affair or the five day fling that ended amicably.

The Psycho

The mad one, the one who alienates friends, is manipulative or turns into a stalker when it’s all over. We used to have a scale named after a friend’s ex by which we would measure scarylooniness. I don’t think I ever had anyone who registered above 0.7, but there has been at least one 1.2 amongst people I know.

The One Night Stand

Not a relationship, I know, but one night stands can have a big effect on a character’s outlook.

Friend With Benefits

Or Fuck Buddy, if you want to be more forthright.

The Best Friend

The relationship never worked out, but you liked each other too much to just go your separate ways. Having been intimate you have licence to occassionally be very blunt and lewd with each other. An ex-lover turned best friend is a very useful person, in a tale or in real life.

Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments.

Help buy a better camera and equipment

Fundable is a site that allows groups of people to pledge money to help others. Payment is only taken if the minimum pledge amount is reached. I’ve started a Fundable fundraiser to buy a high definition camcorder for Venn so that the image quality can do the acting and script more justice. We also need better sound equipment. Money left over from buying the camera will go toward this. is the home of the Venn sitcom. We’re ready to start shooting the first episodes and I’d really like to do the actors and script justice by using better equipment. £1000 ($2000) will purchase a high definition hard disk camcorder such as the JVC Everio HD7, a docking station that will burn backups of footage, spotlights and diffusers. Any more money raised above this will go toward sound equipment including recording devices, microphones and booms.

Episode 0 was shot using a cheap camcorder with a cheap shotgun microphone and basic lighting. We’ve got some good actors and a good script, but the video quality isn’t doing them justice.

Added Benefits for Contributors:

All donors will be listed on the pages for the first four episodes of the series, with links to their websites if supplied. The list will be in descending order by size of donation. Anyone donating over $250 will be mentioned as a sponsor in the end titles of the first four episodes, which will be distributed for viewing beyond the site through embedding on other sites. Anyone donating over $1000 will have a pre title ad on the first four episodes- “Brought to you by-“