The Oxford Road Green Corridor

Plans are in place to close sections of Oxford Road to all traffic but special buses (and bikes?). The scheme won’t begin for around five years and is dependent upon the introduction of a congestion charge and the access to funds that will allow.

Oxford Road is already officially the busiest bus route in Europe. Perhaps it’s time to let them take some of it over. The planned closed section covers the only part of the road that I regularly cycle on, from around the University all the way into the centre, so I hope they intend to stick a cycle lane into the mix.

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    It seems as if everything is turning green nowadays. And people just can’t understand why consumers aren’t buying more of it. Not rocket science – really. People buy for many reasons – not just the environmental impact. You think you can sell a “green” blow-up doll? Maybe look at functionality, price, quality etc first before turning everything green. Then we can start changing the consumers. More on this on my blog at