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Yippee Kay Aye Modelmaker

It seems I may have been wrong in my last post when I lamented the death of miniatures effects in movies. According to Jeremy Parnell’s friend, who’s a model and prop maker, there was a lot of work for him on the last Die Hard.

A lot of our stuff is in the trailer: the car jumping into a helicopter, the plane sequence, the freeway chase, the semi truck explosions, the elevator sequence, and more.

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The HBO Intro model

A “making of” documentary from 1982 about the intro to programmes on the HBO channel. The model produced for the shot was thirty feet long and took three months to construct. Miniature effects are used less and less in film making as digital tools become more powerful. In one way, which I appreciate as someone who wants to make films, this is good because it makes production of spectacular effects cheaper. In another it’s a shame because the level of craftsmanship in these models is incredible.

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