Daily archives: April 8, 2008

Trailer time- oriental oddness edition

There haven’t been any trailers worth highlighting for a few weeks, but just today I’ve seen nearly a dozen. Rather than one big trailer time post on Sunday I think I’ll spread them over a few days.

A selection of movies from the orient first.

A Tale of Legendary Libido.

Tokyo Gore Police. By the people behind Machine Girl, who seem to be keeping Japan’s fake blood industry afloat all by themselves.

Wushu, starring Sammo Hung.

Shaolin Girl, a spin off from Shaolin Soccer.

Onechanbara. Bikini girls versus the undead.

Attention maths geeks!

formula, originally uploaded by spinneyhead.

Can anyone tell me what this is, if it is indeed a real mathematical formula. It’s cut into the metalwork along one side of a Metropolitan University (which will always be the Poly to me) building on Oxford Road.