Monthly archives: April 2008

The Royal Mail delivers irony

I’ve been waiting for a couple of EBay wins for a while, so today I decided to ask the sellers if they’d dispatched them. On the suggestion of one of the sellers I wandered off to the local sorting office to see if I’d missed a delivery and they were holding it.

You can guess what happened whilst I was out.

Somehow the skateboard deck fit through the door, but the other package had to be signed for.

So tomorrow I have to go to the sorting office to pick up a missed delivery they’re holding for me.

These are not the belly dancers of my fantasies

We arrived late to the St. George’s day parade and only caught the second half. That and the rain made it a bit of a let down.

Rebel Rodz

I’ve found a local newsagent with a great selection of magazines that I’ve not seen anywhere else. I may have to visit once a month to pick up new reads.

This month’s mag was Rebel Rodz, dedicated to old school rodz, bikes and tattoos. A great source of inspiration.

Sites mentioned in the mag include-

Chopper Festival.

Festivale de la Gente.


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Flashing in Public

For the keen photographers out there, this article from the BBC has some useful information on when it is legal / not legal to take a picture in a public place (it would appear to be always legal) and when a member of the police can confiscate or ask you to delete an image (when they have a court order).

I can’t help but think back to the concert in St. Helen’s last year where the band’s manager told the security staff “No more pictures” about 5 minutes into Echo and the Bunnymen’s set in the middle of St. Helen’s, leaving them the task of pointing at people with cameras and mouthing “No photos”. It worked fine for the front three rows.

Its one thing to know your rights – its another thing to be able to enforce them in the face of an angry bouncer or policeman.