Department of Free Ideas- Give me Liberty City Extreme

Musing on my comment from the last post I went off on a tangent, thinking about the traffic in Liberty City. I came to the logical conclusion that, were the cross town traffic to increase, they might want to introduce bikes to the mix. The presence of BMXs and at least one mountain bike in San Andreas was fun. From these musings grew an idea for a game I’d love to see.

We’ve only tried one skateboarding game on the 360, and we weren’t that impressed. Given the scope for expanding the environment that this generation of consoles gives, simply rehashing locations from an earlier game in the series didn’t do a lot for us. Skate may address some of this, but casa Spinneyhead hasn’t experienced it yet.

What I want to see is a city with the detail level of Liberty City with players given the freedom to grind, jump, tag and climb it. As well as the obvious stunt competitions there’d be other challenges. BMX bikes would be supplemented with single speed courier steeds- allowing players to earn cash rushing across town with packages or take part in Alley Cat races– mountain bikes for rides in Middle park and cruisers for trolling around looking cool. There’d be longboard skateboards and street luges for the speed freaks, and a couple of really good hills to set time and speed records on. You’d be able to tag and graffiti buildings, with notoriety points accrued based on a combination of artwork complexity and building profile. The rooftops, alleys and street furniture could be used for free running. Wannabe spider men could climb the Empire State building and Base jumpers could sneak their ‘chutes past security and leap off the top of it. The online version could see graffiti swapping and virtual geocaching.

That’s just ten minute’s worth of ideas, No doubt I’ll start coming up with more as soon as I post. This is a free idea, because I really want to play this game, but if anyone wants to pay me to brainstorm scenarios I’m always available.